What Are the Best Patio Doors Designs for Your Home in Lowell?

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Patio doors come in a variety of styles, each one making a dramatic change to a room’s atmosphere and the general environment of an outdoor area. They brighten up a room with natural light, improve the air circulation, and create an elegant division between the room and the outdoor deck. These attractive architectural accents can also increase your home’s resale value by enhancing its appearance and long-lasting warranties.

Here’s a guide of different types of patio doors to ensure that you make the right choice for your home makeover in Lowell:

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Patio door options

Patio doors are traditionally either sliding doors or hinged doors. Both of these provide their own slew of benefits to a house. You’ll have to take the available space near the door into consideration in order to determine which would work best for you. Sliding patio doors provide more functional space around the door as they’re opened by sliding them on a track. Hinged patio doors need more space to swing open or closed. 

Sliding doors have a special locking mechanism and are better suited for the backyard, while hinged doors usually have a deadbolt, making them a great option for houses near a busy street. 

French patio doors

Hinged patio doors are also known as French patio doors. This classic option consists of panels that open by swinging them in or out. You have the option of choosing from two different operable doors when selecting a hinged patio door. There can be either one operable door while the other is fixed or a single operating door that provides a simplified look.

You can get custom made doors that you can combine with windows to incorporate more light and space. You can also create unique and modern styles by choosing from multiple grill patterns and accessorizing them by integrating shades and blinds for some privacy. 

It’s important to know the door’s “handedness” when you’re ordering one. It can either be a right-handed or left-handed door, depending on your preference. Remember that exterior doors usually swing towards the outside of the room.

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Sliding doors

Sliding patio doors are largely beloved by homeowners due to their ease, style, affordability, and customization options. Sliding doors don’t need to swing, allowing for a larger usable space in the room. You can place furniture near the door without fear of knocking it over or jamming the door in place. It’s also a great source of natural light and is extremely easy to maintain.

You can choose from various materials such as wood, steel, fiberglass, and vinyl according to your budget and your home’s needs. Their simple, straight lines offer the room a modern look, making them perfect for contemporary style homes. 

Multi-slide doors

Folding doors create a beautiful and expansive panoramic view of the great outdoors while also serving as a seamless transition from the indoor to outdoor space. These doors are great for homes with large patios, creating big open spaces without getting in the way of the view. 

You can mix and match different panel configurations to move in many different ways. They can also get stacked together to let fresh air inside the room. You can add in an elegant grille pattern or go without it for a clean, modern style. 

Bifold doors

Bifold doors are a little different from multi-slide doors. These multi-panel doors are connected, and fold together when they’re opened, kind of like an accordion. These easy-access doors can be opened partially or all the way depending on your preference and allow for a good amount of fresh air and light to enter your home. 

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High-quality steel and iron doors available in Massachusetts

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