St Lucia Real Estate Tips: Adjusting to Volcanic Topography When Buying Land in St Lucia

St Lucia Real Estate Tips: Adjusting to Volcanic Topography When Buying Land in St Lucia

I hear it everyday: “I want a great view” – this is the mantra of St Lucia real estate hunters. St Lucia is a volcanic island famous for dramatic mountains and panoramic sea vistas. Most houses are built on elevated hillsides and there are beautiful views from practically every inch of the island. This also means that property buyers may need to adjust to building and living on sloping land. This is one of the many interesting quirks of St Lucia real estate.

Thankfully, one need not be concerned about the steepness of slopes. Engineers know how to build structures to suit the topography of the island. In fact, some of the best views of the iconic Pitons are from buildings that are practically suspended in air. (The Pitons are twin volcanic plugs on the island’s south-west coast, which each tower almost 3000 feet above sea level. They form part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.) I am not saying you have to go that far! Hugging cliff sides is not everybody’s cup of tea. However, when viewing St Lucia land for sale, keep an open mind to plots of land which may seem steep at first.

It is wise to seek advice from one’s architects and engineers before purchasing a plot of land. Find out from your architect if your vision for your home can be executed on the site. Discuss how the placement of the house will take full advantage of the view while maximizing exposure to sunlight and air flow. The engineer will let you know what structural precautions need to be taken. The foundation design for instance, will be influenced by the gradient of the land and the type of soil present at the site. Drainage is also of key importance, given that the island experiences significant rainfall each year. Your team of professionals will advise on the proper drainage techniques for the management of rain water.

When shopping for St Lucia land for sale keep an image of your intended home in mind and have your professional team close by. If you are like most buyers, finding an awe-inspiring view is high up on your wish list. In order to get that view, you will have to adjust to living on sloping land. Flat land is a rare commodity in St Lucia and to have a bird’s-eye view, you have to ascend the hills. With a little vision and good advice you will find the right spot to make your dream home a reality!

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