Should I Settle For An ALL CASH Offer?

If you are a homeowner in distress or you have an unwanted property that is just sitting vacant collecting dust then I’m sure you have contemplated a discounted all cash offer from a real estate investor. I’m sure you have even received a dozen or more postcards and letters from investors begging you to sell them your home.

Should you consider taking this option?

There are many advantages to taking an all cash offer from an investor. Below are a list of reasons why you should consider taking this route.

1. Fast Cash. It’s not uncommon for a bank financed buyer to take 60-90 days before they can close on the property. With an ALL CASH buyer you can skip all the red tape of bank financing which allows these cash buyers to close within 7-10 days.

2. No Inspections Needed. With the tight requirements banks have these days your vacant or distressed property may not pass the bank or county inspections*. The cost of getting a property up to code can get costly. With a cash buyer they will more times than not buy it in its as-is condition with no inspections needed.

3. No realtor costs. Since you are dealing with investors shouldn’t have to pay any realtor or broker commissions. This can save you 6-7% right off the top. If the investor you are dealing with is a broker or agent and want to charge a commission, keep making calls until you find a buyer who is not a licensed broker.

4. Pay No Closing Costs. One big advantage of dealing with a cash buyer is that they have the cash to cover your closing costs. Most buyers in today’s market are asking anywhere from $3,000 – $5,000 in seller concessions. This is one expense you can avoid when dealing with a cash buyer.

5. No Qualifying Needed. It is not uncommon for a bank financed buyer to go through the home buying process only to get denied a day or two before the closing. With a cash buyer they have the ability to close immediately.

So as you can see taking a discounted price from an all cash investor doesn’t mean you will take a complete loss. The money you will save from dealing with a cash buyer reduces the amount you will pay dealing with a bank financed buyer. The cash buyer’s ability to close quickly without the hassle of dealing with inspectors and contractors will help you sleep much better at night.

*For more information on building inspectors click here.

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