Moving to Tumon? Here Are the Top 10 Things to Know


Dec. 20, 2021

Moving To Tumon

Tumon can be found in the municipality of Tamuning, which is the center of Guam’s tourism industry. Moving and living in Guam seems so exotic and a faraway idea but it is more achievable than you would think. This is the main reason why people are choosing to relocate to Guam even if it is half the world away. 

The island country of Guam attracts more than 1 million tourists every year and most of the revenue that the island gets is from tourism. Because of the warm tropical climate that envelops the island throughout the year and the numerous amenities that are available to locals and visitors, it is not a surprise as to why people choose to relocate to Guam and Tumon in general. 

If you are thinking of moving to Tumon, here are the top 10 things that you should know:

1.  Tumon has a rich history


Tumon is one of the oldest areas in Guam and one of the major population centers on the island. Because of this, the history of Tumon is quite rich and dates back to the Spanish inquisition in the late 17th century. Tumon, along with Ipao and Apotguan were the major villages back then.

The area was empty and cleared out during the Spanish wars and for the following centuries, the land where Tumon sits now was used for ranching, fishing, and hunting. In 1849, Tamuning was established by Governor Pablo Perez.

During the American era, a lot of people settled permanently in the Tumon area of the island and established the village of Dededo. Back then, Tumon was considered a popular fishing and salt-making area.

Fast forward to the 1950s, the residents of Tumon started building permanent homes where the old ranches used to be. St. Williams Catholic Church was built in 1952 for the local community to have a place of worship. Rapid economic development took over Tumon in the 1980s. 

Being one of Guam’s oldest areas makes Tumon a true melting pot of people from all over the world, and this contributes to the diversity of the area. You will find local Chamorro people as well as Hawaiians, Filipinos, and Americans who found their way to Guam through the US military. 

U.S Military

2.  Transportation is easy


Because Tumon is relatively small, getting around is easy and convenient by using public transportation services like the bus or taxi service. Inbound and outbound flights are also easy to catch because the Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport is located in the nearby Briggada village. 

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3.  Access to quality education


The Department of Education runs and maintains the public schools in Tumon. You will find that the schools here all provide quality education which is an important factor for families especially when they have school-age kids. 

Here are some of the different public and private schools that you can choose from:

  • Chief Brodie Memorial School
  • Tamuning Elementary School
  • John F. Kennedy High School
  • Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary School
  • St. Anthony Catholic School
  • St. John’s School

4.  Numerous shopping options


The Guam Premier Outlets is along with Chalan San Antonio. Like any other outlet mall, you will find numerous shopping options and vendors, a food court, and movie theaters. You will also find different restaurants along the vicinity and grocery stores.

Besides the outlets, there are many different shopping centers that you can check out. Depending on what you’re looking for, it’s easy to find any store on the island that fits your needs. Here are some of the popular shopping places in Tumon:

T Galleria by DFS

5.  Great weather all-year-round


The weather in Tumon is best described as tropical with a hint of humidity. It is common to have 80-degree weather all year round. The months of January to March are characterized by colder weather which is in the 70s. The typical storm season starts from late June to December. 

The tropical climate which brings sunny skies most of the year also contributes to the sunny disposition of the residents of this place. When you move to Tumon, you will quickly realize that the residents here love the island life which might seem slower at first but you’ll soon realize that it is a stress-free way of living. 

6.  Convenient access points to beaches


The island of Guam is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and regardless of where you are on the island, you will have picturesque views of the crystal-clear blue waters as well as lush greenery. One of the top-selling points of visiting and moving to Guam is the access to beaches. 

Ypao Beach Park is Tumon’s largest and oldest beach park. This beach park is on the site of an ancient Chamorro burial ground and the leper colony from 1902 to 1912. Ypao Beach Park is a popular beach with locals and tourists especially on the weekends where it hosts local festivals, parties, and barbecues. 

The Matapang Beach Park is another park that families frequent. Local rowing teams are often seen in this park because of the calm waters. There are plenty of picnic tables and BBQ pits that you can use for family gatherings. 

Here are other beach options that you will have if you are in Tumon:

  • Tumon Beach
  • Fujita Beach
  • Gun Beach
  • FaiFai Beach
  • Shark Cove Beach

Gun Beach Guam

7.  Plenty of options for outdoor recreation


Tumon is a family-oriented place which is why there is plenty of outdoor recreation that is available. Exploring the outdoors is one of the best things that you can do and with a great climate all year-round you will have all the chances to explore the great outdoors 

Cushing Zoo is located next to Matapang Beach Park and is the only zoo on the whole island. Founded by Frank and Margie Cushing in the 1950s, this zoo is very historic and is a premier attraction in all of Guam.

The Tumon Tourist District is characterized by white-sand beach properties that are lined with luxury hotels. Within the tourist district you will find Pleasure Island, where you can find restaurants, bars, dance clubs and high-end shops.

Overlooking Tumon Bay is a popular tourist attraction called Two Lovers Point, which is a prominent cape and seaside cliff overlooking the Philippine Sea. The name is derived from a popular folktale about two lovers who were doomed and is a major tourist attraction.

Here are the other places that you can check out for outdoor recreation in Tumon:

  • Outdoor Recreation Center
  • Ride the Ducks Guam
  • Guam Outdoor Shooting range
  • Captain Dan’s Marine Center
  • Guam Adventures 
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8.  Dining scene is top-notch


Since Guam attracts more than a million tourists every year, this means that the dining scene can easily rival any other popular destination. Guam is known as a melting pot of different cultures and this also translates to their cuisine. From Asian-inspired dishes to Western food; you will have plenty of options when it comes to dining.

Here are some of the different restaurants that you have to try in Tumon:

  • Tony Roma’s
  • Capricciosa in the Royal Orchid Hotel
  • Beachin Shrimp 2
  • Thunder Chicken
  • Meskla Dos

9.  Tumon Bay is known as “mini-Waikiki”


Waikiki is a popular tourist destination in Hawaii and is characterized by a stretch of beach and different establishments right on the shore. This also aptly describes Tumon which is why it is also known as mini Waikiki. 

Another reason why Rymon is called mini Waikiki is because of the fire dances that happen by the beach as well as Chamorro shows. 

The northern part of Tumon is a tourism hub because it houses most of the hotels. Because of this, improvement to the infrastructure is constant which includes upgrading  high-rise buildings and 

Building new shopping centers. 

This part of Tumon also houses the largest tunnel aquarium in the world, Daring Slingshot and the Magic on Ice Show at the Sand Castle. 

Sand Castle Tumon

10. The locals are hospitable


Whenever you visit a country, one thing that stands out and makes a lasting impression are the locals and how you were treated. When you visit Tumon, you will have a chance to experience first-hand the local hospitality that is truly one-of-a-kind.

With approximately more than 20,000 residents, Tumon is a medium-sized village in Guam. Most of the residents are Chamorro people and you will also find Filipinos, Japanese, Chinese and Americans. 

With perfect weather, all year round and close proximity to the different beaches and outdoor recreation, living in Tumon is like living your best vacation every day. The best thing about Tumon is its location because you will have easy access to everything. 

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