Living Room Design & Décor That Will Trend in 2021/2022

Interior Design Trends 2022: A Complete Overview Of New Products And Trends  - The Decor Trends


Maintaining home décor and keeping it according to the latest trends is not that easy – after all you can’t upgrade it every year with the new season! The new design trends, be it in décor, home furniture, or the accents, encourage people to opt for minimal, fresh, and sustainable items. Whether you’re decorating your new home or revamping the existing one, we have many tips and ideas for you, inspired by the top interior designers. Let’s find out what colors will dominate in upholstery and how to get the right furniture that’s functional, comfortable, and stylish. 


Zone Areas for Entertainment, Work & Play 

If nothing else, the global pandemic has encouraged people to go for minimal living. Many families in the UAE are forced to turn their living areas into home offices, entertaining areas, and home-schooling hubs. Without compromising on aesthetics, maintain a multifaceted lifestyle and create thoughtful zoning. Wooden Furniture Dubai stores and online shops have wonderful items like room dividers that give each area its privacy and functional use. Create a perfect workspace in your living room by adding sleek wooden table with matching chairs. A partition shelf behind the sofa can provide space to the children for keeping their toys and books, along with a separate area to play. 


Combining Rich Textures for Luxurious Look

Velvet remains a key fabric choice for all kinds of furniture, be it a sofa, armchair, loveseat, or sectional sofas. Elevate your luxury villa, house, or apartment by vising online home furniture Dubai shops and selecting stylish items. Accentuate your formal entertainment area with accent velvet chairs, lounge chaise, or upholstered coffee table. Go for a bold look in hot colors like purple, maroon, and darker shades, adding grandeur to the place. There are many home interiors and furniture shops in the UAE that can help you create a luxurious and exquisite living space. 


Retro/Vintage Fusion for Trendy Additions

Live with vintage style by adding timeless elements to your house, all the while creating a perfect blend with retro houseware. Bring uniformity in structural design with vintage style, emphasizing with modern colors and patterns. Spruce up bamboo or rattan chairs with contemporary prints and patterns. Whenever you’re doing your home interiors, make sure that you choose a style that reflects your taste and lifestyle. Earthy grounded colors can work as a perfect base and accents can be added with retro rugs and accessories. Contrast, texture, mix-match will be shaping home interiors in 2021/22/. 

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