How Often Should You Paint the Exterior of a Home?


How Often Should You Paint the Exterior of a Home?

When you are planning to sell your home, you’ll want to ensure it is looking its best. And the exterior of your home is a big contributor to enhancing the curb appeal. But even if you aren’t preparing to sell your home, there are many reasons to repaint.

How Often Should You Paint the Exterior of a Home

Choosing to not repaint your home when it’s needed, could bring other problems. It is a significant expense and a large job to complete, but if you don’t do it when needed, it could cause more damage to your home.

For these reasons, making the choice to bring in painting contractors might not be an easy one. But when exactly is the right time to paint your home?

8 Signs That You Need to Paint the Exterior

The exterior of your home could begin to look like it needs repainting after as little as 5 years, but it will depend on many things. A large part of this can depend on the materials used on the outside of your home, as well as other factors.

Exterior Construction

While a good paint job can last more than 15 years, if the siding on your home is wood or aluminum, this could be a lot less. However, vinyl, stucco, stone, or brick exteriors typically need to be repainted less frequently, often looking good for 15 years.

With a wood or aluminum finish to the outside of your home, you might find that a fresh coat of paint is needed after only 5 years. The paint will protect the siding, and without that protection, you could find you need to repair and replace rotten wood and other construction materials. Much of this will depend on how the elements damage your home.

The Previous Paint Job

How well the home was painted last time, will naturally affect how long it will be before you need to repaint. Quality paint finishes will last longer. So if a professional job was done previously, with multiple coats of fade-resistant paint, you can wait longer before repainting.

Weather Conditions

Humid or stormy conditions can also increase how often the paint needs to be renewed. This will affect wood sidings more since it is less likely to resist damage from more extreme weather.

8 Signs Your Home Needs to Be PaintedFading Away

Direct sunlight on your paintwork will cause it to fade. But if there is some shade during the day, it should last longer. This can leave part of the home faded, making the need to repaint more obvious.

While there might not be any damage to the coating, the home isn’t going to be looking its best.

If you are selling and want to give the best impression to potential buyers, repainting may be in order. It’s by far one of the most cost-effective home improvements that helps obtain top dollar.


There are many maintenance chores to complete around the home, and the exterior is another one. If you have been careful to clean off algae or dirt when present, and deal with pests and leaks affecting the siding of your home, the paintwork will last longer.

Wear and Tear

No matter how diligent you have been maintaining the exterior of your home, the paint will gradually wear and age.

You might see signs of cracking, fading, or peeling paint as time passes. If this happens, water might be getting into your home even if it isn’t enough to cause an obvious problem inside. If you leave a seemingly small problem like this, it could become an expensive mistake later on.


To seal gaps between windows or doors and the walls, caulking is used. After a few years have passed, this caulk can lose elasticity, crack and fall away. If this happens, moisture can enter the wood increasing your maintenance problems.

If you have any cracks in the siding, caulk can fill the gaps before you paint. If caulk has been used previously to repair cracks, these will begin to show up when the paintwork deteriorates.


Making your home look its best before you try to find a buyer should pay off. If your home’s exterior doesn’t look as good as it could, a fresh coat of paint will enhance your homes curb appeal and make it easier to sell.

Painting a home is one of the easiest ways to improve its appearance. However, there comes a point when you have to paint, and here are 8 signs. #homepainting #homeimprovement

How to Make Your Paint Finish Last Longer

When you have decided that your home needs to be repainted, there are some things you should do to increase the time until it needs to be done again.


How To Make Your Paint Finish Last LongerTo give your new paint the best chance of lasting for as long as possible, preparation is important. Any issues need to be fixed before painting begins. So if there are cracks, mold, or any other repairs required, deal with them before other preparation.

Imperfections should be smoothed out. These can be sanded down, and you could pressure wash the surface to clean away debris. The surface shouldn’t be so smooth that the paint doesn’t have anything to bond to, however.

If you are hiring contractors, and to get the best results you probably should, they will use a thick primer that will offer a better finish and prevent cracks from developing. The primer should also make peeling paint less likely to happen in the future. This primer will need to dry before the final coat is applied.

Preserving the Finish

The fresh coat of paint should rejuvenate your home, perhaps returning it to the condition it was when you first moved in. But after the paint has been applied and the contractors have left, you’ll have the job of doing things that will maintain the finish for years.

Pressure washing the exterior once a year will clean away dirt, and remove mold and algae that could grow in damp areas.

If the outside of the home does have damp areas, you need to find the cause and fix the underlying issue. Then you can repair the damage that was caused, like peeling or cracking, and then touch up the paint affected. To make this easier, ask your contractors for some of the leftover paint so you can be sure you match the color.

If you stay ahead of these issues, you should prevent having to repaint the whole home sooner than expected.

Final Thoughts

While some homes will require painting more frequently due to their exterior construction, there are many things to consider. Though if there are any signs that the paint has deteriorated, repainting will be required to avoid extra bills and repairs to the home.

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Painting a home is one of the easiest ways to improve its appearance. However, there comes a point when you have to paint, and here are 8 signs. #homepainting #homeimprovement

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How Often Should You Paint the Exterior of a Home?


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